Dar Almaarifah

The founder of Dar Almarifa, the servant of the Holy Quran, Dr. Eng. Sobhi Taha

Dr. Eng. Subhi Taha, may Allah have mercy on him

One of the most prominent personalities in the service of the Holy Quran in the last three decades, as he supervised the printing of millions of copies of the Tajweed Quran, and its dissemination in all parts of the world from Dar Almarifa for Publication, Distribution and Artistic Production, which he founded in Damascus in 1986, and became its manager until his death on February 12, 2022.

He was born in the city of Douma in the countryside of Damascus in 1941,he grew up in Damascus, where he completed his high education at Jawdat Al-Hashemi High School, teached in Damascus high schools, graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Aleppo in 1965, and excelled in managing projects in the Ministry of Electricity, wrote several books, including, The Science of Electrical Lighting, Electrical Security, and Project Feasibility in 1987, and he was fluent in English and French in addition to his native language, Arabic.

Allah Almighty honored him with the completion of a new dimension of the stages of transcribing of the Holy Quran (collection, vocalization and punctuation), which is the transcribing of Tajweed in 1994 in the Tajweed Quran, and it is represented by the idea of time and color coding of the letters subject to the rules of Quranic recitation; To facilitate direct and practical Tajweed for the readers of the Book of Allah Almighty, and be able to understand and ponder it…

And he, may Allah have mercy on him, was a pioneer in the field of integrating technology with learning.In addition to the above, he adapted the electronic pen reader in cooperation with its Chinese inventor, to be like a teacher reciting from the encoded pages of the Quran with the voices of famous reciters and several recitations, and allowing the learner to record his voice, balancing and correcting, as well as listening to inflection, interpretation, reasons for revelation, and translation to the most important languages of the world… Then he downloaded this feature to the mobile phone when it spread among people through technology Scan barcode (QR).

He produced various Quranic television programs broadcasted by many satellite channels,and in 2017 he published the book Memoirs of Dr. Sobhi Taha, The Divine Care Journey in the Emergence and Spread of the Tajweed Quran, and his last publication was Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, Book – a New and Systematic Approach of the Prophet’s Sunnah in 2018 ; After that, he published its translation into English and Urdu, and continued working on translating it into French, German, Russian, and Turkish….

He introduced the Tajweed Quran, its programs, videos, and introductory publications to social media forcefully. He was able to collect two and a half million likes on the Facebook page (the Holy Quran/ Tajweed Quran), and crowned his media work by establishing the interactive daily Tajweed Quran reciter on the page, . and provided it with success factors; to be his platform that illustrates his creative ideas, after he was in charge of the task himself through his appearances on the screens of Tv channels….

He received patents for many ideas with their genius applications, including: 

  • Time and color coding in the Tajweed Quran in 1994.
  • The Optional Pause Space (in 2003), which alerts the reader to the correct pause and starting positions in the Holy Quran.
  • Al-Mounir Quran device for remote recitation, which he invented in cooperation with his brother, Eng. Adnan Taha, in 2000.
  • Al-Mounir Digital Quran Device in 2002
  • Tajweed Pocket Digital Quran Device (DBQ) in 2004
  • Verbal translation to make the foreigner read the Holy Quran as it was revealed in the Arabic pronunciation through the letters of his local language in a new creative way based on punctuating some of them; to correspond to Arabic letters that have no equivalent in those languages , and he obtained a patent for verbal translation keys for foreign languages in 2013.
  • And he got many intellectual property protection certificates for his work on the Tajweed Quran and the works emanating from it in Syria, Egypt, Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman.

He was honored by national, Arab and international Organizations, and won many medals and awards, the most important of which are:

  • Gold Medal from the Creativity and Invention Exhibition in Damascus in 1995
  • Gold Medal from the International Quality Crown from London in 2003 (for innovation, leadership, effectiveness, and public satisfaction).
  • PhD in Creativity from the International Federation in France for Arabic Authors in 2006.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Holy Quran Award in the United Arab Emirates for (Creativity in the Service of the Quran) in 2008.
  • Honored by the Presidency of the Republic of Algeria for his great services to the Holy Quran in 2012.
  • The title of (Global Inventor) from the Quality Excellence House (SUNL) affiliated to the Arab-European-American Board in 2013
  • A Ph.D. degree with honors from the College of Sustainable Human Development in coordination with the College of Strategic Islamic Studies Development at Al-Hayat Al-Jadida University, Lebanon, in 2014.

Dr. Eng. Subhi Taha spent the last three decades of his life in promoting for the Tajweed Quran, defending it, and removing the mental ambiguities that some workers in the field of Quranic work fell into. With his sincerity to his creative idea, and his well-known sophistication, he was able to convince them of the necessity of the project that he supported and gave him a Fatwa to work with. This Fatwa was from the most of the senior scholars in Syria and the Arab and Islamic world…

Despite the attempts of confusion led by some envious, short-sighted and narrow-minded people, Allah Almighty wrote for his accomplishment’s acceptance, support and spread throughout the globe, and his farewell moment was on the Arab and international media, social media and at his funeral in Egypt, and during the mourning councils in Damascus, Cairo, Beirut, Riyadh, and Istanbul. It expresses a deep love and appreciation that the truth inspired them for the best people, especially the people of knowledge and virtue, art and literature, the Union of Arab Publishers , and the Union of Syrian Publishers… who inherited him with great sermons and articles that exceeded all expectations….

May Allah Almighty have mercy on his servant Dr. Eng. Subhi Taha, the servant of the Holy Quran , and grant him the highest heaven in Paradise with the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, our Master Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers be upon him and his pure family and companions , and their last prayer is that Praise be to Allah, Lord of all worlds


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Many years of struggle to spread the idea of time and color coding in the Holy Quran
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