Dar Almaarifah

Tajweed Quran with the electronic talking pen

A pen with a smart card that recites interprets and translates the meanings of the Holy Quran for people.

  • Listening to the recitation of 20 reciters: Make the pen touch the beginning of the verse, then raise it a little and continue after listening to the words of Allah Almighty in Tajweed and in their original colored letters.
  • Listening to the interpretations of the entire Holy Quran: Make the pen touch the relevant field on the smart card inside the cover.
  • Listening to the complete Quarn: with the Narrations of Warsh, Qaloon and Hafs.
    Listening to 13 translations of the meanings of the Quran in foreign languages.
  • Memorization: by re-listening to the verse, the entire Quranic page, Surah, or part.
    Record your voice to compare it with the voice of the reciter of your choice.
  • Tajweed Rules in practical: Learning 28 Tajweed rules.
  • Reasons and occasions of revelations
  • Inflection of the Holy Quran
  • A colorful index of the Quran
  • topics and the names of the Surahs
  • Charging the pen and updating via the USB port