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Tajweed Quran Colors Roles

Color indications
A Compulsory Lengthening (Medd) 6 vowels 2, 4 or 6 vowel counts lawful lengthening (Medd) A saturated Lengthening (Medd) 6 vowel counts Two counts lengthening The hiding( Ikhfaa) and the places of ghunnah (two counts) The Idghaam and what is not pronounced Emphatizer Qalqalah

Letters in red

Indicates letters, which requires expanded vocalization.

  • The dark red color indicates necessary prolongation, six vowels each of which is about half a second such as (الْحَآجّ).
  • The blood red color indicates obligatory prolongation, four / five vowels, it comprises non- stop prolongation, separate and major link such as (أَوْلِيَآء).
  • The orange red color indicates permissible prolongation, two or four or six vowels.
  • The Cumin red color indicates certain cases or normal prolongation, it takes two vowels duration.

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Letters in Gray

Indicates what is Not pronounced, such as the assimilated "L" in (اَلشَّمْس), which is never pronounced, also for (Noon) in (كَأَن لَّمْ) to be pronounced like (كَأَلَّمْ).

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Letters in blue

  • The dark blue indicates the emphatic pronunciation of the letter (R), such as (الحرام)

  • The light blue color indicates a quality of certain letters -when pronounced, appear to have an echoing sound (pronouncement with a slight vibration in Mukhraj. Such a vibration is known as Qalqal, such as (لقد).

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Letters in Green

Indicates nasalization, which is the sound that comes out of the nose; it continues as long as two vowels.

It Comprises:

  • Disappearance (Ikhfa'a) such (أَن تَخْشَوْه).
  • Stresses (N or M) such as (فَإِنَّهم)(مِمَّا).
  • Inversion (Iglab) such as (مِن بَعْد), where the (N) colored with gray to be inverted into a nasalized (M) to be pronounced like (مِمْبَعد)

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Thus, 28 Tajweed rules have been applied.