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Muhammad (PPUH) Book - a New systematic approach of the Prophetic Sunnah

"The best selling book in Arab Exhibitions to respond to those who want to demolish the second source of Islamic legislation in the middle of the fierce attack on the greats of the nation. It is the the modern book that subsitutes hundreds of old books and tempts you to read it.
Presented by: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Omar Hashem
Edited and directed by: Dr. Eng. Subhi Taha.


Why this book!!
Is'nt Muhammed (may the blessings of Allah be upon him) a human sent by Allah Almighty to make the guidance of prophecy a good example for us, with which our deeds are right, and through which we achieve happiness in our first life and the after life, as he (may the blessings of Allah be upon him) is a bearer of glad tidings and a warner for us!!
Therefore, it was necessary for the youth of our nation to have this book available, in order to spare them the extravagance and extremism on the one hand, and on the other hand to introducethose among them who turned away from the greatness of their Prophet, by presenting to them the truth of of his final prophethood, so that they assimilate his suffering (may the blessings of Allah be upon him) in spreading Islam, and how the Isalm started with only three people until it reached about two billion.

Previewing a set of Hadiths (more than 1500 honorable hadiths) in all fields of life (worship, ethics, virtues of deeds, the relationship of the individual with society and humanity...) contributes in restoring our nation to its senses and salvation from its failures.

97 traditional titles with modern terminology were placed, and a brief title was placed next to each hadith to indicate it and ease of access. Modern punctuation marks were used, and meanings of strange words were placed between brackets, in addition to the Quranic verses supporting the noble Hadiths.
The book was produced in a creative and distinguished way, with an attractive template that entices readers to read, and an appendix has been added to the book, in which there is what scholars of the world, from east and west, have said about the Messenger of Allah and the future of Islam.

The issuance of this book in its Arabic and English versions at the same time is an affirmation of the importance of informing the world of the truth about Islam and its pure source.
The unity of our nation that the Lord of the Worlds wanted requires contributing to alleviating the suffering of the lost generation between a sacred heritage that was marred by some distortion and corruption, and its refusal to delve into knowing the truth, so this generation kept itself hostage to his ignorance of the greatness of its Prophet, the Chosen One, the last of Prophets.
This book is indispensable in every home and library.

Muhammad, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, Book in Arabic
This book is available in English and Urdu
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